Personalised strength and balance exercises for ageing well.

KOKU is an award winning platform providing self-managed health care for older adults and NHS approved preventative treatment for health and social care commissioners

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The global population of over 65's will double by 2030.

On average, 20% of people’s lives are spent in poor health. Health care systems today are not prepared for increasing, ageing populations and their associated poor health. Preventative solutions are urgently needed.

5.1m Currently on waiting lists for UK Primary Health Care

50% of hospital admissions for injury are due to falls

£2.3 billion cost of falls to the NHS in the UK. $50 billion in the US

£23.3 billion Is already being spent by local authorities on adult social care

KOKU is a digital strength & balance programme to prevent physical decline and frailty

KOKU allows older adults to live healthier lives free of preventable conditions by providing access to personalised, progressive and proven strength and balance exercises whilst saving health and social care providers’ time and money. Our NICE compliant gamified and user-friendly approach helps older adults to be more aware of healthy ageing practices that maintain wellbeing and independence.

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