The Platform

From gamified individual activity through to telehealth engagements and cross-population insight

The top scored NHS approved wellbeing and falls prevention app, by the worlds leading digital health review platform.

Incorporating over 20 years of research, KOKU is based on health behaviour change theory and the proven OTAGO/FAME falls prevention exercise intervention programmes. Trials in Greater Manchester, Nottingham and Texas found that KOKU is viewed positively by older adults and objectively found to have high usability with improved outcomes in balance, health status and confidence after 6 weeks independent use.


Proven and progressive strength and balance training using a clinically validated programme that improves function and reduces falls by a third. Self-manageable – no need for clinicians, for those unfamiliar with using tablet/iPads we have produced a step-by-step instruction video.


Health literacy to nudge behaviour and inform about evidence based wellbeing practices to improve bone density, home safety, hydration and diet specific to the needs of an older generation. Embedded health behaviour change theory (nudges, feedback, progress charts and rewards) to encourage engagement and adherence.


Questionnaires to measure outcomes and impact on users. Trusted by NHSX who have assessed and certified KOKU as compliant with DCB0160 and DCB 0129 safety and regulatory approvals as a low risk app. Completed clinical trials in UK and US that demonstrate high usability, acceptability and improvements in balance, strength, confidence and mobility after 6 weeks use.

Data Rich

Metrics on adherence, progression, quality of life, falls, injuries and confidence in activities of daily living. Provides health and social care commissioners rapid cross-population insights for local health needs.